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El presente curso consiste en 24 episodios

Cada episodio se divide en 4 partes: 


1. Video corto que se tiene que ver antes de la clase.

2. Tomar la clase en vivo o la grabación.

3. Grabar un video de la parte en rosa con letras blancas.

4. ver una serie en inglés, con subtítulos en inglés, en donde hablarás de 5 nuevas palabras que aprendiste. 

EPISODIO 11 1ra parte

How do you FEEL today?


How do you SAY ___________ in English?

What is the MEANning of _____________?


Part 1 




Yesterday, I went to

One year ago, 

didn't know

Last week, I was

When I was a teenager

when I was


living in ...

A long time


ago, I used to

once upon a time...

I remember 


that when I was


I had many


friend when I


used to



Yesterday I was talking to my mother about my childhood, I will never forget that time. 

Last week in the family meeting my grandmother was telling us, that she would like to get back in time, to be with my grandfather again. 

Last year, we went to the cemetery to visit my grandparent´s grave, it was a good experience, because the all family went together. 

We have to remember as family that "God is good all the time". and the memories will remain forever. 





add an auxiliar to the question

Do / Does / Did 

Irregulars and Regulars Verbs



Modal Verbs

can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will and would

verb to be in past

was / were

verb to be in past

am / is / are

make questions with verb to be




Yesterday, I went to the school, because, I needed to pick up some books that I left there.

Last week, I had a big problem, because I was drinking a lot tequila, so I got out of control, I have to apologize to my friends. 

Last year, I graduated from my English classes, I will never forget this opportunity. 



When I was a teenager, I used to go to the parties all the time, however right now I prefer to watch a movie in my house. 

When I was living in Sonora, I had many friends, we used to go to the beach.

A long time ago, I used to wake up late, but nowadays with the responsibility that I have in my job, it is impossible. 

once upon a time


Once upon a time, a farmer was living in the mountains, he used to work very hard to help his family.

I remember that when I was a child, my family used to take me out to the park with my brothers.

EPISODIO 11 4ta parte

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